I headed out to King's Lynn today on the first Stagecoach X29 of the morning from Norwich. The reason for my visit was of great personal excitement - but I'll get to that in due course. It was mentioned on the X1 Blog this week that First in King's Lynn are to evaluate a BCI Enterprise on the Norwich-Peterborough service next week. This comes after the lengthy trial of an Enviro400 MMC bodied Scania earlier in the year, and more recently of a tri-axle coach, although the latter was not used in service, only for surveying the suitability of a tri-axle vehicle on the route. LX17DZB is on loan from Ensignbus, who I am told will also be supplying a tri-axle version of the Enterprise in August, once the lack of school-contract commitments allows them to do so.

In other news, since my last visit to King's Lynn earlier in the spring, a number of buses in the Stagecoach fleet have lost their Norfolk Green colours in favour of standard Stagecoach livery. This includes the depot's four Enviro400s, which, in addition, have received attractive branding for service 10 (King's Lynn to Hunstanton). Typically, none of the buses I saw were on the 10, but I did photograph 10055 SN13EEB on the 11, which shares the same terminus points as the 10 but takes a different route in between Lynn and the coast.

An oddball in the King's Lynn fleet at the moment is Plaxton bodied Transbus (Dennis) Dart 34420 KV53EYW. Stagecoach in Norfolk have operated numerous Darts since they took over the Norfolk Green operations at the end of 2013, but this individual arrived in the fleet after all of the others had been cascaded away. It is seen on what was once known as the "Fairstead One" but is now, well, the 1 to Fairstead.

We now come to the real reason for my visit to the town, which is that, as many of my Twitter followers and friends will be sick of hearing about, tomorrow evening is my end of High School Prom, where the Year 11 students from my school, including me (of course), will celebrate the end of our High School lives by dressing up for a formal celebration at a nice venue in the city. It's becoming a tradition that students arrive by means of interesting or unusual transport, for example a sports car, a stretch-limo, or in my case, a 1977 Leyland National bus. I am incredibly grateful to the team at Lynx for being so kind as to arrange for me to be able to arrive in their 152 UFX852S, which I spent the late morning sweeping, mopping and cleaning ready for tomorrow evening.

I was very pleased to be presented with a bespoke destination blind which Lynx had produced for the occasion, and am quietly confident that 152 will steal the show. 

Whilst I was at Lynx, I was brought up-to-date on all the latest fleet news. 102 (which had been numbered 53 when it carried the registration X153LBJ) has been reregistered UWW2X, and is now in daily use on school contracts. When I last visited, it was rubbed down and ready to depart for repaint, so it was nice to see it looking as good as new once again.

Keepin with the subject of Spectras, Lynx's other one, 55 R155NPR, is to be collected within the next week or so having been made redundant and sold to an independant operator in Wisbech. It had been in use on school contracts since it arrived from Go South Coast in January, but is now deemed surplus to requirements.

All in all it was a rewarding day; I'd like to thank Lynx for their hospitality and generosity, the staff at First King's Lynn for being welcoming and once again to everybody reading. I'm really enjoying writing again, and hope to have something else interesting to blog about soon.

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