Odds and Ends 31st January - 6th February 2016

Again, apologies for the huge gap since I last posted. I have said before that school work comes first, and this will remain the case. If anybody wanted to join the blog and help me out a bit, I'd like you to get in touch.

I am grateful to Malcolm Bird for emailing me on Thursday to point me in the direction of Plaxton Coach Sales, where former Sanders buses are now for sale. Optare M1020 Solos YK04KWA/B/C have been listed at £12,500 each, with the site claiming that the price reflects their need of some TLC. Also for sale is Plaxton Beaver YN06RWW, which is priced at £14,500 and is also ex-Sanders.
Some unusual allocations have been noted in the last seven days. Although I can't be any more specific, Park and Ride liveried Enviro400s have made appearances on both routes 3 and 4 this week. Also from Konect was the unusual allocation of a decker on the 51 yesterday morning, and (I am told) a Versa on the 50. From First, Cameron Robinson reported the allocation of 33126 LT02NVO on the X1-east service today (Sun 7th) which he says is to cover for a broken 37578.

Also at First, 32105 LT02ZCU entered service in yellow on Thursday, completing the Yellow Line refurb/repaint programme. 60626 R789WKW returned to Rotherham off loan on the night 32105 was brought back. There are currently no vehicles away for repaint, for the first time since autumn last year. 

Over at Anglianbus, Trident 712 T812RFG was dropped off at Beccles depot from Hedingham yesterday. It had been transferred there last year, and I am unsure whether it will enter service here again or whether it will join the enormous collection of withdrawn Hedingham buses at the end of the yard. Most likely it will be the latter, as with the transfer of services 85 and 86 to Simonds from the end of the month, the Anglian PVR reduces by two, which will probably see the withdrawal of a further two vehicles from the ever-shrinking fleet. Further Go-Ahead fleet news comes from Konect, where 301 MX08UZU will be repaired following January's fire on Dereham Road. Of the three bendybuses kept in Dereham but not in use, 804 BL57OXN has been cannibalised, whilst 801 BD57WCY and 803 BL57OXM have been sold to an airport and are awaiting collection. Tempos 400-3/5 MX05EKW/Y/Z, ELC/J have been collected by their buyers, and I believe they have headed down to somewhere in the Staffordshire area. At least one offer has been made for open-topper 50 R739XRV but it remains unsold.

One last piece of fleet news comes from BorderBus, where I am told that an Enviro200 MMC demonstrator is expected to arrive by the end of the month.
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  1. So whats Go-Ahead's long term plan?