I'd like to begin with a warm welcome to the new look Norwich Buses Blog.

Many of you will be aware that on Saturday night, the site was taken down following the decision by Kieran to leave the blog. Sadly, his decision to leave remains, but Norwich Buses Blog will go on, as Kieran has allowed me the privilege of taking over the site. I created this blog a little over two years ago, and eventually handed it over to Kieran to allow me pursue interests outside of the bus industry. I feel that the time is right to begin writing again, and I'll do my very best to keep up the high standards which Kieran set. If you want to read more about the blog, visit the new About Us page for a slightly more in depth history.

All that remains for me to say is thankyou to both old and new readers of Norwich Buses Blog, all of the many fellow local bloggers, and of course to former admins Harry and Kieran. You are all to credit for making the blog what it is today. Without further ado, take a seat and enjoy the ride! Hold tight please!

Sam Larke.
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About Sam Larke

Norwich Buses Blog was founded in December 2013 by Sam Larke after he left another popular blog, Norwich Bus Page. Since it's launch, the site has grown dramatically, especially whilst written solely by Kieran Smith during 2015. The blog is now in it's third year and we look forward to more success and growth in the future. If you think you'd make a good writer for Norwich Buses Blog, please do get in touch via email: samuel.larke@gmail.com
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  1. Hi, i am very glad that your "Norwich Buses" page is still active. I have always been a very keen follower of buses , since a small age. I purchased my first ECOC "Anywhere" ticket at the tender age of 13. The days of VR's, LN's, and LL's! My favourite was always the Nat Express LL on a "Service" route.
    In later years, I still enjoy my hobby, and your wonderful news, together With the East Norfolk(and East Suffolk)blog, keeps me informed on a daily basis.Long may you continue!!

    Kind regards, Pete Crosby. (Now 48 LOL !)

  2. Hi, would just like to give some feedback.

    On android/mobile, it takes a long time to actually be able to read a post by clicking on it, also, I am unable to download anything off my PC.