Sanders Coaches fare increases from November 15th

Increases will be across the entire Sanders Services network
So far unreported is the news that Sanders Coaches are to increase their fares across the network with effect from Sunday 15th November 2015.

An article on their website reads "I am sure you are all aware that we have twice put off a review of our fares due to the falling fuel prices. However other costs i.e staff - insurance - spare parts to name but a few also have to be adressed and this cannot be put off any longer. We will therefore be reviewing all fares across our network fom November 15th."

Increases are claimed as being kept to a minimum, with "no more" than ten to twenty pence on singles and twenty to forty pence on returns. Charles Sanders, director of the operator, commented to the Eastern Daily Press saying "The increase will be across the whole network. Even with the increase, the fares will not be as high as Konect's".
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  1. He managed to keep fares down when competing with Konect and ran 5 mins in front to try and deprive Konect of passengers. Now he's got the area to himself the fares go up, not clever at all.

  2. Now they've got their monopoly back they can raise their prices and treat their customers like dirt again.(Well, they have always treated their customers poorly, but now we get to pay more for the privilege!)