Big diversions in Norwich City Centre tomorrow evening

Castle Meadow will be closed entirely from 18:30 to 20:30
Tomorrow evening is the exciting "Big Boom" free fireworks event in Norwich City Centre. As with the last two years, buses are diverted across Norwich and heavy delays are expected. From 18:30 to 20:30, all services through Castle Meadow are moved to alternative stops, as outlined below. 

Konectbus 8
The 19:05, 20:05 and 21:05 departures from Thorpe Road to Dereham and Toftwood will omit Castle Meadow. The 18:40, 19:40 and 20:40 departures from Norwich Bus Station towards Thorpe Road will not serve Castle Meadow.

First 14/15/15A (Green Line)
Castle Meadow will not be served, however, St Stephens Street will be served as usual in both directions.

First 21/21A/22 (Orange Line)
Towards Old Catton will serve St Stephens Street Stand BC, not Castle Meadow, Anglia Square, Upper King Street or Red Lion Street. Towards Bowthorpe, N&N Hospital and UEA buses will pick up from All Saints Green outside John Lewis, Castle Meadow, Anglia Square and Tombland and Theatre Street are omitted.

All First "Norwich Network" services are moved to other stops
First 23/23A/24/24A (Red Line)
Towards Thorpe St Andrew and Heartsease, buses will use St Stephens Street Stand BC rather than Castle Meadow and Theatre Street. Towards Costessey, Lodge Farm and Queens Hills buses will depart from All Saints Green by John Lewis only.

First 25/26 (Blue Line)
Towards Rail Station buses are moved to St Stephens Street Stand BN, with Castle Meadow and Red Lion Street omitted. Towards the UEA buses are moved to St Stephens Street Stand BQ, Castle Meadow and Red Lion Street are omitted.

First 28 (Yellow Line)
Buses will operate from All Saints Green, John Lewis, only. Theatre Street and Castle Meadow will not be served.

Stagecoach X29
The operator are to serve only Norwich Bus Station on this service. Castle Meadow, Upper King Street, Tomland and Anglia Square will not be served.

Konectbus 501
All journeys after and including the 18:05 will omit Tombland, Anglia Square, Upper King Street and Castle Meadow in both directions. Additional buses are put on, with buses to both Airport and Thickthorn sites every 15 minutes until 21:00.

Additional 501 buses are to operate every 15 minutes until 21:00
Konectbus 502
From 18:15, buses will not serve Upper King Street, Castle Meadow, Tombland or Anglia Square.

Konectbus 503
For all journeys after 18:30, buses will not serve Castle Meadow, Thorpe Road or Broadland Business Park.

Sanders 44A/X44
All journeys after 18:30 will not serve Castle Meadow or St Stephens Street. Norwich Bus Station, Tombland and Anglia Square will all be served as normal.
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