A very busy day for First Norwich

33153 LR02LXM heads 33183 LR02LZC on Castle Meadow today
For myself and regular contributor Sam Larke it was just one of those Sundays spent trying to amuse our selves in a City with a rather quiet Sunday network. Arriving in Castle Meadow, we were instantly in for a surprise which saw the both of us 'run like the wind' and hope the traffic lights signals stayed on our side.

Arriving in Norwich today on loan from First Berkshire were Plaxton President bodied Dennis Tridents 33153 LR02LXM, 33180 LR02LYZ and 33183 LR02LZC. We managed unexpectedly to photograph all three passing through Castle Meadow; the trio later headed for Roundtree Way depot with myself and Sam in hot pursuit.

Notably, Norwich now - temporarily - has 33153 LR02LXM in its grasps, which matches up with the rest of the Norwich allocation. Note also the vehicle identification prefix 'TN' which was retained by First Berkshire following transfer from First London.

60915 YG02DLZ and 60916 YG02DKU (c) Joe Thorpe
Meanwhile, Joe Thorpe has been in touch with photos from the First Ipswich depot where two arrivals pitched up today to head on to Norwich in due course. Transferred permanently from First Devon and Cornwall (Buses of Somerset) are Wright Eclipse bodied Volvo B7Ls 60915 YG02DLZ and 60916 YG02DKU, both were new to First York. The duo will go to HB Commercials tomorrow for an MOT, where following this will come to Norwich on a permanent basis.

On the new Wright Streetlite front, 63318, 63324 and 63323 were all noted at Roundtree Way depot this afternoon.
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  1. I'm a bit confused. Norwich are sending the MV02 B7L's to Bristol but get these 2 from Plymouth??

    1. Makes perfect sense doesn't it. What makes even less sense is a load of sane people going nutty over a few 13yo wrecks. If Norwich had got something decent I could understand it.

    2. I agree. All this over some 13yo heaps being replaced with some 13yo heaps? I don't know, if you didn't laugh... at least some of the Streetlite Max delivery were on display in Wymondham today, so that'll get the fleet age down a bit if nothing else.