During a conducting and driving break at the North Elmham Village Festival on Sunday 31st August, a look through the front destination blind brought out a rather interesting destination!

"Slipper Bottom" completely threw myself and the driver off, but I now have the answer to what on earth it is. It would be interesting to see who else, if anybody, knows "Slipper Bottom".

Just a bit of fun, but please do leave a comment below if you know the answer - if not, it shall be revealed at the end of the week in Odds and Ends.
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  1. Slippers End is New Rackheath Norwich
    Served now by First 14A Rackheath to Salhouse and some Konnect 53

  2. United Counties Huntingdon used to Catworth Fox at 22.45 after the cinemas
    Closed for the night at 22.30 again in the middle of nowhere and couple miles
    From village itself.

    There used to be lots of these short workings years back in 60s/70s

    Cambridge used to have places like Hadstock (113) in middle of nowhere

    My favourite was ECOC Wisbech 367 to Gambols Tunnel (Thursday)

    ECOC Crowland depot had Tongue End and ECOC March had Euximoor Bridge (Wednesday
    Only) NO village of Euximoor just a bridge on a fen road and ECOC Ely had Black Horse Drove,(Thursdays) miles of fields and odd house and ended up in a Railway Signal box some half hour later on Ely-Lynn line.
    Also ECOC Ely also had Little Ouse Rectory (Thurs/Saturday) and the famous
    Shippea Hill ECOC used to go on Thursday This flat as a pancake area with no
    hill in sight. Shippea Hill did have an adjacent Pub and Railway Station which is
    still open (One train to Norwich each Morning)

    First Midland Red West had a contract from West Midlands PTA for an hourly
    service to Worlds End in the Black Country

  3. Slipper Bottom crossroads is where Rackheath Sole & Heel public house is located.

  4. LFL57 had Slipper Bottom X Road on the blind until someone nicked that one!

  5. Yes, Slipper Bottom Cross Roads was New Rackheath, by the Sole and Heel pub. It was on the 33 route and while most 33 journeys continued to Salhouse or Pilson Green the occasional short journey turned at New Rackheath.
    Incidentally I saw Slipper Bottom on the front blind of LFS125 when someone was scrolling through the blind at the Norwich Open Day on 22 March 2015.

  6. Well done all! It is indeed the lower end of Rackheath, sadly though the rather unusual name is seldom used today. Imagine "14 Wroxham via Slipper Bottom"