Major November Anglianbus changes in depth

The overall timetable of the 7 see's a bus an hour withdrawn
As it had been mentioned, there are some big changes this November at Anglianbus. It is widely spoken that the vehicle requirement has dropped from around fourty eight to just below thirty, or thereabouts. I have studies the timetables as much as possible to produce an in-depth report on these changes, however, with so many changes and so many so major it is obviously impossible for me to note and type them all. As a result, please take this as a summary of the main changes rather than every change.

7 (Norwich-Great Yarmouth)
The service is extended to run through to Lowestoft, rather than changing for a 61 at Great Yarmouth. The 61 now operates between Lowestoft and Southwold. Throughout the day, service is reduced to every 30 minutes from every 20 minutes. The final bus from Norwich at 18:40 is cut, leaving the last departure on the 7 at 18:00. The early morning timetable from Great Yarmouth to Norwich is reduced with less departures, as is the afternoon peak timetable.

The extension to Lowestoft also sees Anglianbus 7 operate through Avondale Road and Mariner's Compass area of Gorleston, competing with First services 1 and 1A and 8.

7A (Norwich-Brundall-Great Yarmouth-East Norfolk Sixth Form)
The morning departure heading Eastward is time five minutes ahead at 07:15 and the afternoon return is timed 9 minutes early at 16:19.

The 60 is withdrawn entirely, and a new 60J is introduced
60 (Bungay-Beccles-Lowestoft-James Paget Hospital)
Service is withdrawn.

60H (Beccles-Halesworth)
The timetable remains very much the same, with the exception of timing changes of up to five minutes. Connections with service 60 are no longer made.

60J (Lowestoft-James Paget Hospital)
This new Monday to Friday service is introduced. Three journeys operate in each direction via Lound and Blundeston to replace parts of the 60 and 61.

60S (Beccles-Brampton-Southwold)
Again, it is minor timetable changes affecting service 60S. Connections with service 60 are no longer made.

61 (Southwold-Kessingland-Pakefield-Lowestoft)
Buses between Lowestoft and Great Yarmouth are withdrawn and replaced by a revised service 7. The 06:25 journey from Pakefield to Great Yarmouth is withdrawn, meaning the first journey of the day is the 06:45 from Kessingland, A number of timing amendments of up to ten minutes are made throughout the day. Three buses through Kessingland an hour are maintained to compete with First's 99.

The number of buses departing Diss is significantly reduced to 7
80 (Diss-Harleston-Bungay-Beccles)
The number of buses departing Diss daily is reduced from 11 to 7. The Monday to Friday 06:57 journey from Diss is withdrawn, leaving the first journey at 07:45. The 15:30 departure from Diss is withdrawn also. The 16:52 short journey from Bungay to Beccles is withdrawn. The 06:47 departure from Beccles to Diss and 07:25 as far as Bungay are withdrawn. A new 07:57 journey from Beccles to Diss is added, with the next journey not departing until 10:04. The 15:40 school journey is withdrawn and the last bus is now at 16:40 rather than 18:00. There are timing changes of up to twenty minutes across the timetable.

81 (Beccles-Great Yarmouth)
The 07:00 journey from Beccles is withdrawn, and the 07:55 moved ahead by two minutes. Sister service 81A is withdrawn. Substantial timetable changes of up to twenty minutes are also present across the timetable. In the opposite direction, the 09:10 is withdrawn though a new 08:45 journey will operate. Buses between Great Yarmouth and Beccles and generally reduced to a two hourly frequency following the withdrawal of the 81A.

82/82A (Beccles Town Services)
Service 82A is withdrawn. The routing of the 82 is significantly reduced, with the new timetable losing nine timing points. There are now six, rather than seven, daily journeys.

87 (Norwich-Poringland)
A new Monday to Friday 06:21 departure from Bungay to Poringland and Norwich is introduced. The next journey numbered 87 runs from Poringland to Norwich at 07;53. Most journeys depart Norwich around 4 minute later. There are timing changes also on the evening runs of the 87.

Changes are also present on the 87, 88 and 88A band of services
88 (Halesworth-Bungay-Norwich)
The first morning journey is earlier at 06;22. There are a number of changes to the morning timetable heading into Norwich also. The new timetable also sees a huge increase of X88 journeys; from Halesworth, hourly journeys run into Norwich from 08;29 to 14:29 complimented by hourly departures on the 88 from Bungay. There are timing changes across the timetable ranging from 1 to around 10 minutes.

The morning timetable between Norwich and Halesworth sees changes of up to fifteen minutes in timing. Again, from 09:00 all journeys to Halesworth are numbered X88 and all journeys operating as far as Bungay are numbered 88. The final journey from Norwich to Halesworth is moved 25 minutes earlier to 18:05.

88A (Halesworth-Southwold)
Timing changes of around 10 minutes affect the entire timetable.
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