Major changes at Konectbus this November

Rather unexpectedly, the 2 and 2A are withdrawn entirely.
Thanks to my contact at Konectbus and regular contributor Sam Larke, I can bring you in depth detailing of major changes forthcoming at Konectbus - which were respectfully asked to remain embargoed until details were finalised by the operator. Basic details appeared on VOSA last week and changes do not come into affect until November 2nd.

The most surprising change of all is the cancellation of Konectexpress services 2 and 2A due to low passenger numbers. The five recently branded Alexander Dennis Enviro400s are to be repainted into standard Konectbus livery and be used to increase capacity on other services. This will free up Optare Tempos 400-405 (MX05EKW/Y/Z, MX05ELC/J/H), which are expected to leave the fleet.

The 53 between Norwich and Tuckswood is withdrawn - instead, buses will operate between Hoveton and Wroxham and Norwich City Centre and then to Queen's Hill estate, replacing the existing service 5.

Service 16 between Dereham and Wymondham is also withdrawn; this service was launched earlier in the year as a test run for a potentially increased service, operating once a day in the morning and evening in each direction.

The 6A and X6 are substantially reduced to "limited journeys"
On the 52, the 18:10 journey from Norwich to Blofield is retimed to commence at Eaton at 18:00 - operating five minutes later than currently from Norwich.

The 6A is withdrawn in its entirety, and the X6 is reduced to a "limited number of journeys". The service number 6A will not be entirely unused, however, with the evening journey from Norwich to Watton via Wymondham and Attleborough being numbered as such.

The above changes will catalyze a number of fleet changes. Wright Eclipse Gemini bodied Volvo B7TLs 510-514 (LB02YWX/Y, YXA/E/F) will eventually move to Hedingham, whilst Optare Solo 953 YN57HPX and Optare Excel 219 W219PRB are to be withdrawn. One of the Konectbus liveried Mercedes Benz Citaros are to be retained for use of spares, whilst the remaining two are to withdrawn from the fleet and sold.

As always, I must stress that the above fleet details are provisional and are subject to change - however, these are the current expectations as provided by Konectbus.
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  1. Bad news indeed. Konect bus always operated a much more efficient service than Sanders. Konect services are on time, clean and contain luxuries such as Wifi and leather seats as well as being cheaper and quicker than Sanders. Sanders on the other hand have very poor punctuality, dirty, run down buses with rude drivers and high prices. It is a shame Konect bus did not ever expand this service and price out Sanders, Looks like we will have to suffer with Sanders awful service now.

  2. You were asked to keep quiet? But it was everywhere already

    1. It may have been, but I was told this information a few days before it appeared on VOSA. Konectbus asked it to be kept quiet until their details were finalised so as to not cause rumours and a massive panic. I have an excellent relationship with Konectbus, and take into account when they request information is kept quiet.

  3. Looks like bad news for hoveton. According to konect's website the 53 service to hoveton will be withdrawn. It has a stop right outside the Wroxham & Hoveton Medical Centre and is a great help to those of us with no transport to attend our appointments.

  4. Sanders are an awful bus company, will be sad to see Konect go on this route!

  5. I recently saw a comment on the edp from Mr Sanders. He seemingly refused to believe that his drivers were rude, buses dirty and with poor punctuality, He also stated that prices have not risen when they have. Over my years travelling with Sanders I have seen passengers, young and old being sworn at, and receiving rude comments from his drivers. Many of his buses are late, dirty and are operated by clapped out vehicles. He seems to believe that his service is perfect, but many customers will see otherwise. Shame to see Konect pulling out of both routes.

  6. The 53 should be an interesting comedy show - such a lengthy cross-city route will surely be incredibly difficult to keep punctual all day long.

  7. Who says you cannot have a great holiday in bus? Off course you can! Florida Charter Bus Company. will solve all your issues.

  8. Another reason to slag Sanders down - they are not the ones dropping the route, Konect tried and failed to muscle in on a local independent company who most people were happy with at the time. Although Sanders does have its faults most of the issues are poor timetabling of routes and failing to deal with the few idiot drivers they employ, most of the drivers are quite friendly just under pressure due to the shortage of staff and low pay.