Norwich Buses Blog on Holiday - Part Two

724 YX57BWF climbs Church Hill in the village of Reighton.
Welcome on board Part Two of our seven-part special series reporting back from my recent family holiday to wonderful Yorkshire.

Day two and it was a misty morning in the East Yorkshire village of Reighton. With the day's activities all planned out, I had a spare hour or so in the morning which I used to obtain a photograph I had been dying to get since I arrived in Yorkshire.

At the very peak of Reighton Village is Church Hill, which is used to get to the main A165 towards Bridlington and Hull by East Yorkshire Motor Services 120 and 121. Seen doing just that is Alexander Dennis Enviro400 bodied Volvo B9TL 724 YX57BWF. Seen behind the bus is the stunning Borough of Scarborough, which includes the seaside towns of Filey (Just behind the bus) and Bridlington, where the bus is headed for. From the nearside passengers windows, although blocked from our view, passengers can take in the beautiful views over to the  North Sea.

Dropping off at Bridlington Harbour is YJ57BCU, operated by
East Riding of Yorkshire's Council.
We headed for the seaside town of Bridlington in the morning, a place where bus-wise I am really impressed with.

For just £3.50, a group of up to seven people can park at a clifftop car park away from the bustling town centre and travel by bus into central Bridlington. Even better, the service - operated by East Riding of Yorkshire's Council - is even supported by the nearby land train. As a result, passengers are able to choose between bus or land train travel to get into Bridlington as part of their £3.50 parking ticket fee. Services operate every fifteen minutes, and most of the workings I noted were nearing full. As far as I can work out, the Bridlington Park and Ride is operated by two vehicles - these being on the day Plaxton Centro bodied VDL SB120 YJ57BCU and open top Northern Counties Palatine II bodied DAF DB250 N14WAL. Is this another one of those initiatives Norfolk is missing out on? Something which would make big money in the summer season and become a relied on service by locals and holiday makers?

East Yorkshire 356 YX57BXD at Bridlington Bus Station.
In the town centre, I located the bus station to see how things work in Bridlington. It's a small bus station, with six bays, and lays in the middle of a housing estate. Even still, information is top notch - a very friendly gentleman with a Yorkshire accent so hard I had to ask him repeat everything he said spends his days sat in a portacabin full of leaflets and posters and timetables. Every stand has up to date timetable information, and at the end of the bus station is an information terminal connected to Traveline and the East Yorkshire Motor Services website, much like those found in Norwich at Castle Meadow and the bus station,

Bridlington has a small town network, operating right along the cliffs and linking the housing estates and the hospital with the bus station. A popular two hourly open top service from East Yorkshire Motor Services runs from Flamborough to South Shore Holiday Park via Bridlington. The 45 and 56 operate back towards York and the 120 heads to Scarborough Northbound and Hull Southbound.

With stunning Scarborough in the backgroup is W458BCW from
the Shoreline Suncruisers fleet.
After heading back to Reighton for a home lunch, it was Scarborough in the late afternoon into the evening. Scarborough was the centre of the popular On The Yorkshire Buses documentary series of Channel 5 aired in 2013. Having watched all the episodes, it was rather funny to witness first hand drivers of competing Shoreline Suncruisers and East Yorkshire Motor Services battle it out to stops to get their passengers. 

Being in charge of such on the holiday, for obvious reasons, I chose Shoreline Suncruisers after being tempted by the possibility of a thirty year old MCW Metrobus. In total, the fare was a very reasonable £10 for four passengers on an unlimited hop on hop off ticket. A deal is in place between the two operators that their buses are restricted to how long they can wait in each bus stop, so as to prevent coupling of buses and unhealthy competition. The South to North journey was made by Plaxton President bodied Volvo B7TL W458BCW, with return made on the much more favourable MCW Metrobus B227WUL.

The rest of the evening was spent on the beach, and as the sun set behind us I took a few last minute photographs with the sea in background, With that, that's part two complete and part three being prepared ready for publication tomorrow.
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