Man saves runaway bus in Aylsham

The Sanders double decker rolled towards a café in Aylsham when
fast thinking Jamie halted it.
It was in the news yesterday morning that local man Jamie Maxwell, who had recently received hospital treatment with a sling and eighteen stitches in his hand, saved a runway Sanders double decker bus in Aylsham.

Jamie told the press that as he got on he felt the bus begin to move, and instinctively thought it was pulling off for its destination. After sitting down, he soon realised it was mistakenly rolling forwards and picked up speed as it moved towards a Grade II listed café. Being an HGV driver, Jamie thought on his feet and dashed towards the driver's cab where he applied the air brakes. When commenting to the press he said "Air brakes are very different to handbrakes. It is just a lever that says on and off. So unless you know what you are looking for, you won't find it. It gave quite a heavy jolt when I put it on - I'd say the bus was getting up to 10mph."

Passengers on board described Jamie as a "true hero" for his actions, whilst Sanders said they are making investigations into how the incident took place.

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