Around The UK: Ups and downs and 7/7 tribute

There's been some ups and downs Around the UK this week. The week began with news from Brighton of a serious collision involving two buses from the Brighton & Hove fleet. 19 people, including the driver, were sent to hospital - some with critical injuries. Brighton & Hove have launched an internal investigation, as have the driver's union who claimed they believe there were elements of pressure for the driver to go out on the day despite him reporting he felt unwell. The operator responded claiming these allegations were "unfounded". 

Tributes were paid to the 52 Londoners who sadly lost their lives
during the 7/7 bombings, for which tributes were paid ten years after
the attack on Tuesday.
Tuesday 7th July was a big day for many, as Britain as a nation paid tributes to those we sadly lost in the 7/7 bombings in central London - which now took place ten years ago. Four bombs were detonated, one of which on a bus working service 30 near to Tavistock Square. Being in London (and at one point passing the spot of the suicide attack on the bus) on the day for work purposes, it hit home how unexpected the event was but at the same time resembled perfectly the resilience of Great Britain, and more particularly the residents of London who were affected by the attacks. In a beautiful, tear jerking moment the driver of the attacked bus placed flowers on the spot where he witnessed the aftermath of the detonation which destroyed the bus he was driving. After describing the kindness and thoughts of strangers who ran towards the bus to help wounded, George Psaradakis said "It was a sacrilege, but we will not let these people win. They have caused so much pain to people's lives but they will never achieve what they want. They are a few against many." The Daily Mirror described how George, 59 of Greek origin, told passengers who were trying to board his bus following earlier attacks on London Underground trains they would be best to walk if their destination was nearby due to the sheer amount of road closures and diversions in place. It is thought that this move prevented 50 people from boarding his bus, potentially saving an equal amount of lives. George is a real credit to the industry and a true inspiration to many, having continued to work as a London bus driver until ill health forced him to step down - despite the terror he witnessed on July 7th of 2005.

This week, Megabus announced its new service linking the United Kingdom with Italy. Megabus are to operate two journeys in each direction daily between London, Lille, Paris, Lyon, Turin and Milan. It is expected that VanHool Astromengas will be be the most common use on the service.

Among many other types including a new Routemaster, Reading
Buses will trial an Optare Metrocity over the summer period.
This Summer, Reading Buses will be trialing a variety of new vehicles in a move to shape their buying habits and specifications in the coming years. First up, a Mercedes Benz Citaro and shorter Mercedes Benz Citaro K will be trialed on the London Bridge Park and Ride service. This will be followed by an Optare Metrocity, which will see similar use and spend time at the Newbury operation. During August, a 'New Routemaster' will operate on Reading Buses Purple Line service 17 for two weeks complete with a full conducting crew. Trials will also be made of the new Wright Streetdeck, among as yet unconfirmed vehicles. This summer will also see Reading Buses trial the Vantage power system, which offers around 4km worth of silent zero emissions running.

In Glasgow, the traffic commissioner and local police are investigating the running of independent operator City Sprinter following their only service suddenly stopping running on Tuesday. Manager and owner John Healey claimed that the company simply could not afford to run anymore, placing the blame for their struggles on competition from First. He said that competing with the operator was "impossible", and that First had seven buses out to every one of City Sprinter's. Mr Healey went onto say that it is likely his company will be put into voluntary liquidation.
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