Stagecoach-isation in King's Lynn and bus station almost complete

Stagecoach-isation in King's Lynn, portrayed perfectly in this shot
"Stagecoach-isation" is one of those bus enthusiast jargons which, if said to somebody outside of the community, would really make no sense. With the Stagecoach identity rapidly creeping into the West of Norfolk, it was clear from a visit to King's Lynn today that the Stagecoach-isation of the town is all a bit baffling to those who have used Norfolk Green for many years.

As I stood taking photos of buses, it was rather amusing to hear an argument between an elderly couple as to who on earth Stagecoach are. In the gentleman's mind, and the passengers around them, Stagecoach are a new company who have taken over some of Norfolk Green's routes. It seems Norfolk Green have had dominance in the town for so long that even Lynx are a mystery to those who do not live on the route; apparently, they're "Norfolk Green's new company, who are taking over the out of town routes". Well, I have no idea where those ideas came from, but nevertheless the town certainly is becoming Stagecoach-ised quickly. There are currently seven buses running about King's Lynn in full Stagecoach colours and buses are being turned around swiftly into their new looks. A definite sign of things to come.

Looking very much like it did in the artists impressions; King's
Lynn's new look bus station is almost complete
On a separate note from King's Lynn, the over-running works to renovate the bus station are nearing completion. The overhead canopy and new bus shelters towards the exit are all erected, along with the new benches along the Northern perimeter beside the car park. The new  "saw tooth" layout departure bay is in shape, and the information office is also open. All that appears left to complete is the paving slabs underneath the canopy, drainage work and the installation of signage, timetable cases and barriers. The bus station is set to open sometime in the next two weeks, with June 29th being the aim.

Lynx loadings are also still looking positive, with them increasing each and every time I've visited King's Lynn since the operator's first day of service back in July.
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