"Look at what I've found!"

The sorry looking Neaves Plaxton Supreme dumped at the rear of the
now demolished Neaves depot.
I shall start today's post in reverse order, sort of, with an enormous thank you to First Norwich driver Paul Cox for alerting me of the main subject of the post.

Paul told me on Monday that whilst driving Norwich run route 12 from Norwich to Stalham through Catfield, he had noticed that the former H Neave & Son (Neaves) garage in the village is currently being demolished and standing over the back of the depot was an old coach. So today I headed out of First Norwich 66332 MV02VBX on the 12 to take a look for myself. Over the back of the asbestos and rubble filled yard sits a rather sorry looking Plaxton Supreme bodied Volvo B58. Interestingly, the coach carries the original H Neaves and Son grey, red and white livery, so must have been parked "out back" for many years whilst the depot building was still standing. I believe the coach to be APH511T, but if you know better I welcome your contact via the usual means.

The yard was filled with rather scary looking workmen, but as I had forty or so minutes before a return ride home I had a wait around in hope they would disperse off for their lunch break to the rather sweet little village shop - and so they did! Originally zooming through the gaps in the fencing in their absence, whilst waiting for another bus I thought I'd try my luck from a different located; I managed this shot from the top of the slide on the village park instead.

Timetable opposite the Neaves depot fifteen years outdated
But there was more, for on my return down the slide (yes, I did) I noticed a small timetable display case at knee height opposite what was the old depot. Inside were two timetables, one for previous services 12 and X12 and the other for the old 4 from Stalham to Great Yarmouth; the first dated for 2001 and the latter for 2000. So the second piece of Neaves history added to my collection of photographs. To make them easier to view, for those interested, I will crop them and clean them up digitally ready for upload onto the Historical Timetables & Route Maps section by the end of the week.

I then headed off for Great Yarmouth on the Sanders 6, today worked by a Scania N94UB Omnicity, to connect to a First X1 back to Norwich. The 6 is a new route for me, and on the more rural section from Stalham to Martham there is some stunning scenic views to take in. The route then picks up Rollesby, Ormesby St Margaret and Caister before arriving in Great Yarmouth. What a wonderful day I have had!
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