King's Lynn update and other bits

The current scene at King's Lynn bus station, which is midway
through a complete face lift.
This morning I headed out to a very rainy and cold King's Lynn, completely different to the weather I arrived home with, to take a look at the latest developments related to the King's Lynn Transport Interchange refurbishment operation.

I headed out to the West of the county on a First X1 today, rather than the usual Stagecoach X8 and X29 - But silly me didn't note the vehicle details down! I was pleasantly surprised with the journey, and the particular vehicle I travelled on was most certainly one the best of the batch of Alexander Dennis Enviro400s I have been on yet. Unfortunately, however, it was let down by the free WiFi not working - but the GPS triggered voice announcements were working, and working better than I have ever heard. "Welcome onboard the First X1", the voice proclaimed as we departed Norwich Bus Station. 'The voice', which sounds uncannily similar to that of Apple's Siri function, only struggled at Dereham Market Place where a wide turn around the roundabout due to a badly parked truck lead to 'the voice' thinking it had already picked up new passengers, and began greeting passengers with "Welcome onboard the First X1". The journey was, however, very pleasant - as was the very friendly driver.

Lynx 1 and 3 together at the temporary 'bus station' on Clough Lane
The view at King's Lynn Bus Station is much different to what I had seen on Sunday when I made a flying visit to the town. There are now no buses in the bus station, instead a hole load of bizarre looking machinery working on resurfacing the area. The base structure to hold up the soon to be installed canopy is also now erected, as are new benches and bus stop shelters on the new North facing exit. If I am reading the project timeline correctly, the works on the refurbishment of the bus station are to be completed in the next four or so weeks. Worth noting before you read on is that First X1 buses and all other services operating Westwards or Southwards from King's Lynn remain at the temporary stops on Portland Street.

Northbound uses are moved to nearby Clough Lane , which forms a fork shaped loop around St James' multi-story car park - see here for a map - until Friday 5th June whilst resurfacing at the bus station is completed. Lynx 35 buses to Hunstanton are using the Eastern side of the loop beside the swimming pool. The allocation diagrams of the 35 means that two Lynx buses will sit together at the King's Lynn end of the route, usually at the currently closed bus station, which allowed for this photograph of the pair together. Furthest from the camera is one of Lynx's latest acquisition, being number 3 YJ55BKG

The view on the Stagecoach Norfolk side of Clough Lane
The ten or so Stagecoach Norfolk services, excluding those Southbound journeys using Portland Street, are relocated to the opposite side of the Clough Lane loop facing Westwards. This allows from some nice line ups of buses to be photographed, including this one seen to the right.

Also noteworthy is that the spare space at the bus station usually used predominantly by Stagecoach Norfolk to park idle buses can no longer be accessed. As a result, a piece of land a few minutes away from Clough Lane on Southgates roundabout between the Wisbech Road and Nar Ouse Way exits is currently in use as a means of storage during the day; hence saving buses blocking up Clough Lane and using up additional fuel driving back to the Hamlin Way depot.
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