Around the UK: Irizars for London, more controversy and new deliveries

Artist's impression of the forthcoming Irizar i2e all-electric buses
for Go-Ahead London.
News has been rather dry this week from the country on the whole, but there's still some interesting developments and deliveries to report.

The biggest news of the week again comes from London, where it was revealed early this week that two Irizar i2e single deck buses will enter service with Go-Ahead London by the end of July. The Irizar i2e is pioneered with the Spanish manufacturer's own technology and is powered by an all-electric engine. When commenting to Irizar, Go-Ahead London's Engineering Manager, Richard Harrington, said "London's buses are in the process of being transformed into the most environmentally friendly fleet in the world. We were the first operator in the world to run pure electric vehicles and 18 months of reliable service has proven this form of power is a viable solution...". The other pure electric buses mentioned by Richard Harrington were the pair of BYD buses, which featured in a special report on a visit to London last year; the pair of Irizar i2e buses are expected to follow their footsteps on the 507 from Victoria to Waterloo and 521 from Waterloo to London Bridge.

At National Express West Midlands, a considerable number of new Alexander Dennis Enviro200 MMCs have been sighted at Plaxton's factory in Scarborough. It is said that the batch should be delivered by Monday 29th June.

An Essex mum was refused travel after she tenders 25 pence worth
of coppers to pay her bus fare, creating a mixed response
from the public
In the news this week, a story from Essex where a female bus passengers was refused travel due to tendering 25p of her sixty pence bus fare in coppers. After refusing to step off of the bus, the driver called the police who paid the fare for her. In the eyes of the law, tendering more than twenty pence in coppers can be refused as it is not legally seen as a valid payment. With all the fuss on social media condoning or condemning the driver's action, my reaction was more along the lines of "Where on earth do sixty pence fares still exist?"

There has also been some controversial news in Wolverhampton, where a bus lane camera has caught almost 3,000 drivers using it in their cars in seven days, dishing out a £60 fine for each offender. But here's the catch; the camera is installed at a spot where cars are directed to U-Turn as part of the usual road layout, however, the angle of the roads mean it is inevitable that cars enter the bus lane without clipping the kerb and causing damage or an accident. A call is now underway by locals to move the camera further along the road to avoid any dangerous situations of drivers trying to avoid the bus lane.

To end this week's Around The UK, you may remember a month or so ago a mention was made to the regeneration of Blackburn Bus Station. Route One reported this week that the contractors working on the new £5 million facility have been sacked after claims the infrastructure was not structurally sound. The council have assured the locals that they are working hard on continuing the building works.
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