Odds and ends - 31/05/2015

The new Norfolk Green logo shows off the Stagecoach in Norfolk
name, which is to succeed the previous.
Here we are, the final Odds and ends of May as we move towards the 'half way through the year' mark. There's been plenty of news this week on the blog, and some rather exciting stuff too! Even still, there are some bits left over, all rounded up here.

On Tuesday, I shared a screenshot on the blog's Facebook platform of a change to the Norfolk Green website. The new banner at the top of the webpage is the first major visible sign since the decision that the Norfolk Green identity would be dropped from May 1st and proclaims the change from Norfolk Green to the new Stagecoach in Norfolk brand.

From Richard's Coaches of Guist, Unvi Cimo bodied Mercedes Benz Atego YN06WVU is up for sale.

First's new Eastern Counties magazine is due to hit the buses from early June. Their website advertises that there will be news stories from across the UK, and First's operations in North America, vouchers, competitions and a page dedicated to the 2015 charity partner Prostrate Cancer UK.

As reported earlier in the week, Great Yarmouth's Market Gates bus station was closed due to a hole opening up in the road. The premises reopened for active use on the morning of Friday 29th and things in the town are all back to normal now.

Onto the rare workings, buses have generally behaved themselves this week. on Thursday 28th First Norwich Wright Gemini 2 bodied Volvo B9TL appeared on Red Line service 23 and 23A; vehicles of this type are usually restricted to the 25 and 26. On Saturday 30th, Green Line Wright Eclipse bodied Volvo B7L 66301 KV02VVC appeared on the Turquoise Line, with 37562 FJ08FYN taking a trip off of its usual haunts and onto the 35.

Remember the Irisbus Midirider which featured in an Oddball Wednesday post in April? Well, I have since discovered it's existence! The unique bus was registered in 2011 following its 2003 debut, and currently carries the registration 11-LS-1512, a registration native to the Republic of Ireland. It is operating with Universal PSV and remains in the silver livery it appeared in back in 2003 too. A recent photograph of it can be seen here.

Megabus are making their debut in Great Yarmouth from tomorrow
This week has brought out lots of interesting news; on Tuesday there was plenty of news from the rival town of Ipswich and a photo special from the transportation of thousands of local football fans to Wembley the previous day. On Wednesday there was news from First and chaos in Great Yarmouth as well as a look at the latest Notices and Proceedings watch for the local traffic area. Oddball Wednesday this week featured an Essex based ugly duckling. On Thursday, a second look at the Wembley coaches was published, followed by the latest fleet news from Coach Services. On Friday, First's 2015 vehicle order was announced which was followed by news of a surprise transfer from First Ipswich to First Norwich. On Saturday there was news of another newbie for a local operator and a report from a trip into the city centre.

And on a final note, a reminder that tomorrow, Monday 1st June, is the first day of the extended Megabus M37 service into Great Yarmouth. The coach will depart Beach Coach Station at 9am.
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  1. 36180 appeared on the 13 on Friday morning. In addition to a Gemini 2 on the 23 on Thursday, Cameron and I noted another Gemini 2 on the 24 the same day.

    Sam Larke.